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I Have A PhD; Now What?

I have completed the PhD and I am ready for the next step, what is it? Many people begin and complete the PhD program and at the completion of the program, stand dazed with a wealth of time on their hands because they do not know what to do next.
In most countries around the world, the PhD is the ticket into academia. In the United States, there are more PhD’s than any other country in the world. However, possessing a PhD is not a guarantee to become a professor.
However, according to the Economist, the amount of jobs available for the PhD is not commensurate with the amount of people who are getting the degree. Are there exceptions to this phenomenon?
Do I really need a PhD? This is the question that most interested PhD learners should ask themselves before they begin the PhD journey. The PhD is a prestigious and compelling accomplishment for business, industry, and education. With the overwhelming majority of the population NOT capable, willing, or otherwise interested in acquiring the degree, surely I am advantaged over any other perspective job seeker for employment…especially in academia.
In this book, we provide information that will allow any PhD interested person with:
Skills, information, and planning necessary to start and complete the PhD, insightful information needed before, during, and the PhD is undertaken, the factors known to derail a successful PhD, and the advantages that you as a PhD holder have over all other persons vying for postsecondary employment.
There are compelling reasons for wanting to the PhD. However, for the dream of a PhD to become a reality for the successful candidate, there is crucial information needed before enrolling in a program. In this book that information and more is revealed in an easy read.

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