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Delmar I. Lee, PhD, CDE, is an educator, trainer, coach, confidant, member of Omega Psi Phi Inc., scholar, and writer with a focus on non-fiction writing.  Considering himself a transdisciplinarian, he is highly adroit communicating and working in multiple areas of higher learning.  Dr. Lee has published articles on numerous subjects across differing disciplines.  His published articles range from Education to Infomatics.  These articles include Perceptions of Collaborative Learning from African American Males at a Predominantly White Institution, Increasing Student Engagement And Participation Through Course Methodology, and Organizational Leadership And Health Care Reform.  As a Workforce Education confidant, with expert knowledge in Workforce Education and Development, he has spoken with, counselled, and coached multiple PhDs and PhD learners about their concerns, doubts, and successes completing their PhD (or Doctorate) and using their expert knowledge to their advantage.  He has had consistent success helping to emplace PhD holders seeking employment.  Dr. Lee having served for 22 years in the United States Air Force, Certified as a Diversity Executive, and provided education in all sectors of postsecondary education, he is equipped with the persona necessary to acquire the most intimate of details from learners at the highest level of education.  With the information gained from multiple encounters with professionals in a myriad of disciplines, he and his colleague of many years, Dr. Shantuan Coleman-Taylor have collaborated to produce I Have My PhD, Now What?  This book is a must read for PhD holders, Doctorate Learners, and any person considering acquiring a terminal degree.  The book is illuminating, relevant, and immediately useful.