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Dr. Shantuan Coleman Taylor

Dr. Shantuan Coleman Taylor is an engineer, professor, entrepreneur and author with a writing focus on non-fiction.  Dr. Taylor has written articles and technical white papers from Faculty Having It All: Industry, Academia, EntrepreneurshipEvaluation of the Japanese Experimental Module Post Qualification Review JS-1028 Technical White Paper to NASA Johnson Space Center; Virtual Access to Leadership and Understanding Excellence (VALUE) for Student Development, and jointly wrote  the Foundation Coalition, ABET outcome (d): An ability to function on multidisciplinary teams during her tenure at Texas A&M University with author’s Haag, Froyd, Coleman, CasoIn addition she collaborated with Aló, Barnes, Coleman, Baxter, Kuslikis, Fox, Geoffrey, Ramirez, Foertsch, CI-TEAM Advances in the MSI Community and the MSI Cyber Infrastructure Empowerment Coalition MSI-CIEC during her tenure at University of Houston Downtown.

Dr. Taylor displays remarkable skill as she has worked on complex projects requiring her to write while paying attention to detail, and ensuring timely outcomes, without compromising quality.  As a fledging scholar, Dr. Taylor shared her expert knowledge and inspiration in the completion of many of her colleague’s dissertations. Her mastery of research methodology, and ability to handle challenging questions smoothly, with humor, in a clear, concise, and well-thought manner was a welcome assistance in their academic success. Dr. Taylor’s expert advice and leadership skills was regularly sought by her peers. Though working with one’s peers in a doctoral program is often considered to be highly competitive, it is quite the opposite with Dr. Taylor. Her natural charm, humor, humility, and positive attitude enable her to embrace various perspectives and provide opinions to her peers  open -mindedly.  In addition, she is an active and financial member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc.

Now she is debuting the long awaited book I Have My PhD, Now What? along-side colleague Dr. Delmar Lee, PhD, CDE with whom she has collaborated since their dissertation days. Dr. Shantuan Coleman Taylor’s dissertation was entitled The Pedagogy of Engineering Education. Dr. Taylor excels where others struggle because she values, understands, and utilizes a team concept in her accomplishments. Dr. Shantuan Coleman Taylor has been consistently lauded for her invaluable leadership. Equally important, she recognizes those who contribute to any success to which she is involved.  When she is not writing she is teaching engineering students how to engineer their way towards a PhD.